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Exberliner Winter Issue: Out now!

Foosball champs, women with balls, Turkish rockers and more… The December/January issue of Exberliner […]

Football fanatics

More than a game: Meet the Berliners whose lives were changed by football

Football is more than a game. For these Berlin fanatics, it's a way of life that has […]


Dating in Berlin: 6 Tinder types you know and hate

Berlin's dating scene is not for the faint of heart and we know 11 Tinder types you'll […]


It all comes tumbling down: 11 historic demolitions in Berlin

Call in the demolition team! For better or worse, here are 11 historical examples of Berlin buildings […]


Berlin in the snow: 11 images of a winter wonderland

When snow falls over Berlin, the city is blanketed in white and there is suddenly a magic […]


Berlin from above: Historical aerial photos show the city from the air

These beautiful aerial photographs show the changing landscape of Berlin down the years. From it's prewar splendour, […]


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