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Berlin love stories: Romance from the heart of the Hauptstadt

Berlin isn’t exactly known for commitment or romance, but these three couples overcame all the odds to […]

Virtual Exhibition

Brush up on your Bushido at the Samurai Museum

In May 2022, the Samurai Museum reopened its doors in Mitte, sporting a brand new exhibition. Here's […]


Is FKK dead? The past and future of German nudity

Freikörperkultur or FKK is the term for German nudism. In East Germany it was very common, but […]

Real Berlin

Live like a local: Our guide to the real Berlin

Drinks on the canal, a no-directions-needed bike ride, the Soviet War Memorial... this is our guide to […]

Summer escapes

Staycation in Berlin? How to have a holiday right here

Why leave Berlin when you can pretend you're on holiday here?


Amok Mama: How I became a GDR granny

Jacinta Nandi misses the good old days when things were cheap and grannies shouted more.


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