Exit/Wasting Time

PERFORMANCE ART: Join the Goethe Institut New York and Berlin-based artist Wanda Golonka for an evening of collectively wasted time.

Image for Exit/Wasting Time

Photo: Letizia Mariotti

The Goethe Institut New York has just opened its new space at 30 Irving Place. To mark the event, Berlin-based performance artist Wanda Golonka takes over the German institution’s street-level space and library and turns it, for one evening, into a space for wasting time. 

In mixing dance, performance, music and words, EXIT: Leave behind the rhythm of functioning, optimizing, and accumulating delivers a sensory and aesthetic experience, one that is supposed to force the visitor to step out of time and engage in idle pursuits. If you haven’t been cultivating your idle self lately don’t worry, the artist’s instruction booklet will guide you every step of the way.

1.   Step Out of Time… Leave Your Cell Phone

2.   NESTING with Pigeons

3.   Flick Through the Golden Book in the STACKS

4.   “One Minute Exit” in the LIBRARY

Watch Videos by students of the Inter- University Center for

Dance Berlin

5.   Draw Potatoes Under the SKYLIGHT

6.   Make Starch Sculptures by the BAR

7.   Fill Your Empty Page in the BASEMENT

8.   Install Your Potato Starch Sculpture in the GALLERY

9.   Enter Your EXHIBITION

10.  Step Back into Time… Collect Your Cell Phone

EXIT: Leave behind the rhythm of functioning, optimizing, and accumulating | Goethe-Institut New York. Mar 5, 5-10pm