Save your plants

Want to get green this year? Well, get your gardening gloves on and join Monika Kalinowska to learn How NOT to Kill Your Plant.

Image for Save your plants

Photo by Pavel Mezihorák

You can’t help it: you’ve got a black thumb. Every plant you’ve tried to keep in your house has ended up parched or drowned, limp or brown-leaved. Well, not this year. And Monika Kalinowska – a Polish former journalist who left Russian video site Ruptly to become a crafty weaver and exotic plant connoisseur – is here to help. With her seventh How NOT to Kill Your Plant workshop, the 30-year-old will teach you everything about watering, repotting or propagating that sagging Dracaena in the corner of your living room (it’s probably too close to a radiator). Advice varies from where best to locate your potted pal to which ingredients you’ll need for perfect soil, along with instructions on how to perform emergency CPR on your drowning plant and a few nifty factoids (did you know snake plants are so good at purifying the air that they help prevent migraines?). Each one-hour, 20-capacity English-language session costs €20, but you get a free cactus to take home – and if you manage not to kill that one, you can sign up for Kalinowska’s Plant Circle Box subscription service (€27/month) to receive regular “surprise plant packages” by post.

Next workshop Jan 27, 18:00, Prenzlauer Studio/Kunst Kollektiv, Prenzlauer Berg, more details at