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  • Resolution: Eat your vitamins!


Resolution: Eat your vitamins!

Did you promise yourself you'd eat more healthily this year? Berlin Organics has the powder for you: five different blends of various superfoods ready to sprinkle over, onto or into the low-cal meal or beverage of your choice!

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Photo by Viktor Richardsson

It used to be that the only powder consumed in Berlin was of the 1970s-era David Bowie persuasion. Now, for better or for worse, it’s all about powdered “superfoods”. Where previously you had to get your acai, baobab or wheatgrass in inconvenient raw or juice form, Berlin Organics, brought to you by Sony manager turned nutritional guru Klaas Koolman, offers five colourful dehydrated blends ready to be thrown into a smoothie, mixed with milk or juice or sprinkled over muesli.

Each comes in an attractive canister with a fairy-tale-like illustration and a description of its purpose: to calm you down, boost your immune system or detoxify you, among others. So how do they taste? As we found out, it’s all about how you use it. The bitter green Saubermann blend tasted vile mixed with almond milk (one serving suggestion), but its wheatgrass-spirulina-chlorella combination wouldn’t be out of place in a smoothie.

Meanwhile, the cacao-coconut Ruhepol made that same milk taste like a delicious, not-too-sweet cup of cocoa, and the antioxidant-rich acai-grape seed-hibiscus-baobab Schutzschild added a subtle sweet and tangy flavour to apple juice, At €9.95 for 15 servings, it should satisfy superfood addicts till the next nutrition craze comes along.

Berlin Organics, buy at Erdkorn, Bio Company or www.berlinorganics.de