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Sauna in Berlin: Best places to work up a sweat

Feeling cold in Berlin? Warm yourself up with a luxurious sauna. We round up the best, cheapest and most unusual places to sweat in the city.

Photo: Rolf Walter

Temperatures are starting to drop, but there’s no better way to spend a cold day than at the sauna. It’s not just a luxury either, there are plenty of health benefits, from improved sleep to a lowered risk of dementia. Here are our picks for the best saunas in Berlin – from the luxurious village to the cosy neighbourhood sauna. Please note: most of these saunas require that you relax in the nude – it’s more sanitary that way.

Finnfloat Sauna Floß Berlin on the Müggelsee

On the sauna raft, you can sail across the Müggelsee. Photo: Finnfloat Berlin

Sauna was invented in Finland over 2000 years ago, so it makes sense that Finnfloat is first on our list. This is a higher-end sauna experience, but it is well worth the price. As you float around the lake on this mobile spa sauna raft, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. And no matter what time of year it is, jumping into the lake is the perfect way to cool off after a sauna session. Up to eight people fit on the sauna raft, which is tastefully furnished and even has a small roof terrace. In summer, you can even spend the night and watch the stars as you fall asleep. Weirdly, it’s not even the only floating sauna experience in Berlin.

  • Finnfloat Müggelseedamm 70, Köpenick
  • Reservation required
  • 3-hour visit: €280 (Raft for 2)
  • Tel. +49 (0)176 62180998, online

Vabali Spa Berlin in Moabit

Ten different saunas await you at the Vabali Spa Berlin. Photo: Vabali Spa Berlin

The Vabali Spa Berlin is designed like a small Balinese village, extended over two floors. A panorama sauna, a meditation sauna as well as herbal, bio and infusion saunas offer plenty of opportunities to let your worries go. In between sauna sessions, you can cool off in the 50-square-metre pool and finish with a delicious wild herb salad or a healthy rice bowl in the sauna village restaurant.

  • Vabali Spa Berlin Seydlitzstr. 6
  • Open daily 9-24
  • 4-hour visit: €32.50 weekdays, €35.50 weekends/public holidays
  • Tel. +49 30 911 486 0, online

Saunabad in Prenzlauer Berg

Admire the changing artwork through the window. Photo: Saunabad Rykestraße

This sauna exudes artistic charm: the garden area is decorated with Baltic stones and changing art objects, such as paintings or wooden sculptures, are regularly on display in the sauna area. In addition to the sauna, Saunabad offers a wide range of massages including lymphatic drainage and Thai massage. There is also a sauna garden, a sleep/relaxation room, a bar and a reading room – these guys are committed to helping you relax.

  • Saunabad Rykestr. 10, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Mon-Sat 15-24 / Sun 12-24
  • 4-hour visit: €22
  • Tel. 030/44 04 63 97, online

Kiezsauna in Friedrichshain

The Kiezsauna in Friedrichshain smells of soothing essential oils. Photo: Rolf Walter

The Kiezsauna is a little oasis that smells of all-natural essential oils. The large sauna area in the basement is complemented by a 100-square-metre private outdoor terrace. This sauna does not require a reservation, so head on over after work for a cosy spa experience. If you want the full relaxation package, book a massage before your visit.

  • Kiezsauna Graudenzer Straße 19, Friedrichshain
  • Open daily 13-24 starting Oct
  • 4-hour visit: €20
  • Tel. 030 29 77 40 40, online

Gewölbe Sauna in Prenzlauer Berg

If you’re looking for a classic sauna session, look no further. Photo: Gewölbesauna Berlin

Gewölbe Sauna offers a classic sauna experience – no frills, just heat and essential oil infusions – and as such, it’s pretty popular amongst locals. In the rustic wooden interior, you can sweat away in the steam bath, the Finnish sauna or the herbal sauna. Cool off in the eight-degree plunge pool or in the 350-square-metre green outdoor area.

  • Gewölbe-Sauna Fröbelstr. 44, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Mon-Fri 15-23 / Sat-Sun 15-21
  • €16.50 admission
  • Tel. +49 (0)30-4232827, online

Lützow Sauna in Mitte

The Lützow Sauna has been around for almost 50 years. Photo: Unsplash/Denny Müller

The almost 50-year-old Lützow Sauna was the first of its kind in Berlin. A Finnish sauna, a dry sauna and a sauna room with high humidity and milder temperatures promise healthy relaxation for young and old. The Lützow Sauna also has a large swimming pool where they offer swimming courses for children.

  • Lützow Sauna Lützowstr. 106, Mitte
  • Mon 18-22 / Wed, Fri-Sun 16-22 / Closed Tue & Thu
  • 3-hour visit: €24
  • Tel. +49 30 2622827, online

Saunarivm in Pankow

Pamper yourself with a sauna session and massage. Photo: Imago/Westend61

In the beautiful Saunarivm in Pankow, the Finnish sauna, the Roman brine steam bath and the pleasantly warm, weirdly named, tepidarium invite you to sweat and breathe deeply. In the spacious sauna garden, you can cool off in the plunge pool. You can also book a ‘beauty bath’ and relax alone in a mix of essential oils. After a few relaxing hours, the best way to round off this visit is to enjoy a meal and a drink in the winter garden or treat yourself to a back or foot massage.

  • Saunarivm Breite Straße 22b Pankow
  • Open daily 11-23 starting Oct, Tue: women only
  • 3-hour visit €20.50
  • Tel. +49(0)30 49760714, online

Hamam – The Turkish bath for women in Kreuzberg

Women have this spot all to themselves. Photo: Imago/Steinert

In 1988, the hamam in the women’s centre in the chocolate factory opened as Germany’s first hamam. In Mariannenstraße in Kreuzberg, women sweat and chat among themselves. Hamam offers towel and bathrobe rental, foam massages, manicures, pedicures and facial pampering treatments. This spa can be rented out for special occasions.

The Arabic word “hamam” simply means “warm”.

  • Hamam – the Turkish bath for women Mariannenstr. 6, Kreuzberg
  • Mon 15-21 / Tue-Sat 12-22 / Sun 12-18
  • 3-hour visit €22
  • Tel. 030 615 14 64, online

Ono Spa in Tiergarten

Ono Spa in Tiergarten has a beautiful view over Berlin. Photo: Ono Spa

The eleventh floor of the Mandala Hotel in Tiergarten houses one of the most luxurious spa facilities in Berlin, if not all of Germany. Ono Spa received the Spa Star Award in the category “Best City Spa in Germany” in Autumn 2020. The bio-sauna with chrono-light therapy, the Finnish sauna and the steam sauna promise rest and relaxation. After you’ve enjoyed the modern sauna area, you can unwind on the beautiful terrace with a view over the Großer Tiergarten.

  • Ono Spa Potsdamer Straße 3, Tiergarten
  • Mon-Thu 17-21 / Fri+Sat 11-20 / Sun 11-18
  • 4-hour visit: €78 weekdays, €98 weekends/public holidays
  • Tel. +49 (0)30 590 05 1100, online

Dahlem sauna

The cosy and private Dahlem sauna is located south of Berlin. Photo: Imago/Camera4

The Dahlem sauna is perfect for those who like things a little more private. The small sauna is located in a beautiful garden on a hidden side street close to the Dahlem-Dorf underground station. Amenities include a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna, a sun terrace with a lawn, a secluded garden with old trees and a spacious outdoor pool. If you’re hungry after your stay, the kitchen prepares fresh healthy dishes every day. Don’t forget to call ahead if you’d like to book a massage.

  • Dahlem Sauna Am Schülerheim 6, Dahlem
  • Wed-Fri 12-22 / Reservation required
  • 3-hour visit: €20
  • Tel. 030 832 430 7, online

Many of the saunas on this list incorporate nature into their services, but there are plenty of opportunities to get out and find some greenery yourself. Try these hikes in Berlin or visit one of the beautiful parks. It’s also mushroom season right now, so review our guide and go foraging.