Seven questions for…

Katja Munoz and Dana Kikic. The New Yorker and Belgrade native are the hands behind the new label Jewel & Wool, giving us stylish tips right as the Berlin Fashion Week launches.

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Photo by Stefan diessner and max fischer

New Yorker Katja Munoz and Belgrade native Dana Kikic came to Berlin to round off their PhDs. Today they are the hands behind Jewel & Wool, a new label – available in select boutiques, like Playlovepop, and online – that spotlights their handmade jewellery and knit wear, 100 percent conceived and manufactured in Berlin.

Who do you design for?

KM Elegant, sophisticated women who cherish good material and sleek design.

DK Not only women! Elegant men and women who love bold colours.

Do you have a signature item you always wear or style you always adhere to?

DK We always do eyeliner.

What are your favourite clothes shops in Berlin?

DK Lala Berlin is a favourite. In terms of ones that we can afford, we love Butterflysoulfire, Julia and Ben, Starstyling – where we’re buying from and supporting independent designers.

Who is your style icon?

DK I think for both of us it would be Yves Saint Laurent.

What three items should every woman have in her wardrobe?

DK She should definitely have an oversized wool cardigan, suede pumps and a handmade or hand-painted silk scarf.

KM Pumps are classic.

Your pieces have people’s names – they’ve been inspired by friends?

DK Friends or celebs that inspire us. Helen is Helen of Troy, Kate is Kate Bush, Laura is Laura Marling…

Does the David scarf have any relation to our music editor David Strauss, by chance?

DK The David scarf is definitely the Exberliner music editor, and the Hannah scarf is his girlfriend. He inspires me, as he always wears crazy knits, sometimes with ducks and horses, so I thought he might need something with a bit more of a modern appeal.