Skater görls

Although International Women’s Day was last month, there will be an unofficial one on April 23 when Cassiopeia hosts Berlin’s first all-female skateboarding competition, ‘Suck My Trucks’.

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Photo by Sigrid Malmgren

Although International Women’s Day was last month, there will be an unofficial second one on April 23 when Cassiopeia in Friedrichshain hosts Berlin’s first ever all-female skateboarding competition, which bears the subtle moniker, ‘Suck My Trucks’.

The Berlin-based ‘Görls Skateteam’ were tired of never being taken seriously at mixed competitions, always standing in the shadows of the physically stronger men, so they decided to take the matter into their own hands. Around 30 women from France, Denmark and even Brazil will show off their tricks for €2000 in prize money beneath the coloured windows in the Skatehalle.

Next door, at Cassiopeia, visitors can view an exhibition containing photos of female skaters. The contest is divided into three categories: ‘Street’, ‘Vert’ and ‘Best Trick’. In the latter, the competition takes the form of a running award ceremony, where the judges announce a trick and the rider doing it the fastest or the best receives money.

The event’s promoters say they ran into gender bias when they tried to find sponsors. Many large companies were initially interested, but as soon as they found out it was an all-female competition, they jumped ship. Finally, a handful of Görl-power-loving smaller companies stepped forward, and in addition to cash, the winners of the competitions will be awarded gifts from Wesc, Berlin streetwear company Iriedaily and perfume company Les Ettes, among others.

After the contests, the party continues at Cassiopeia into the wee hours of the morning.

SUCK MY TRUCKS, Apr 23, 14:00 (exhibition at 12:00) | Skatehalle Berlin, Revaler Str. 99, Friedrichshain, U+S-Bhf Warschauer Str.,, €5 for a day pass