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Best hair transplant in Turkey – Where can you find it?

Wondering where to find the best hair transplant in Turkey? This article introduces one of the clinics in Istanbul that offers high quality hair transplants.

Finding the best hair transplant in Turkey can be difficult. Hair transplantation procedures there can’t be matched by any other country. Especially the UK, where prices for hair transplant surgery are three times higher than a hair transplant clinic in Turkey would charge.

Where is the best place for a hair transplant?

Figure 1: Which clinic offers the best hair transplant in Turkey? Photo: https://cosmedica.com/

Turkey is a well-known destination for hair restoration. Considering the country’s prime location in terms of proximity to Western Europe, low cost, and reputable institutions, Turkey has become a popular place for European clients to upgrade their hair.

Those who are looking for a high quality hair transplant in Turkey can take advantage of the country’s low prices for hair transplants. While FUE procedures at a clinic in the UK start at £2185, they can be had for as little as €950 (£830) at a clinic in Istanbul. For example, a session of 6000-7000 grafts would cost around €550 (£460), while those requiring more could get their surgery done for as little as €2185 (£1750).

With its hotels, cruises, resorts, and spa retreats, Turkey is a popular destination for those interested in medical tourism. Among the historic cities in Turkey are Ankara and Istanbul, the latter being home to some of the world’s most renowned hair transplant doctors like Dr. Acar at Cosmedica Clinic. So, when it comes to surgeries, hair transplant Turkey is at the top.

Are hair transplants better in Turkey?

Turkey is the number one destination for people seeking a hair transplant. As a country, Turkey has received praise for its skillful surgeons and affordable procedures, making it an ideal location to get a hair transplant.

The hair transplant success rate is largely related to the expertise of the medical staff. Because there are so many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul these days, consumers need to carefully research a clinic’s background before choosing them.

Is hair transplant in Turkey safe?

Figure 2: The best hair transplant in Turkey is performed by the best surgeons. Photo: https://cosmedica.com/

Figure 2: The best hair transplant in Turkey is performed by the best surgeons.

When it comes to hair transplants, getting one in Turkey is extremely safe. There are numerous reasons why clinics in Turkey have grown in popularity, but the most important are the advanced machines employed, the greatest surgeons, and the new approaches they employ. This industry could not be more advanced than in Turkey, where new techniques are introduced regularly. People from all over the world are flocking to Turkey for hair transplants because of this rapid technological advancement.

Turkey’s pricing policies are consistent with the country’s overall health strategy. Plastic surgery and hair transplantation can be provided at reasonable costs because clinics that have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) are given government incentives in Turkey. This program has allowed JCI-accredited institutions to keep expenses low, allowing patients to receive cheap healthcare services.

A significant amount of information has been given about the procedure’s safety and effectiveness, which is unusual in a developing country. Thousands of procedures have been completed by trained medical personnel, reinforcing their reputation for competence.

Patients are handled with the utmost care in Turkey, and their hair transplant surgery is performed by the most skilled team of experts. Doctors that undertake hair transplant treatments in Turkey have years of expertise and training and will provide patients with the most natural-looking outcomes possible.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Hair transplant cost can vary by clinic and surgeon. For example, one procedure may cost $ 1500, and another may cost $ 3000 for the same number of implanted follicles. These costs are reflective of transplant sessions that occur for several months. You can check what prices the clinic offers on hair transplant Turkey price on Cosmedica’s website.

How much do 4000 grafts cost?

A hair transplant in Turkey is expected to cost between $1,500 and $3,500 for 4000 grafts. Other regions of the world have a considerably wider range of prices than Turkey.

What is included in the price?

A complete hair transplantation package includes many services. Transfers to and from the clinic, a day stay in a hotel, home-care services, doctor fees, and post-procedure check-ups are some of the services covered by an FUE hair transplantation service.

Types of hair transplant treatment offered by Cosmedica

Figure 3: When will you take a seat and get the best hair transplant in Turkey? Photo: https://cosmedica.com/

Cosmedica’s hair restoration procedure has been acclaimed by countless satisfied clients. They offer two hair transplant techniques: FUE Follicular Unit Extraction and DHI Direct Hair Implant. Both treatments can be used for both men and women.

One of the most popular ways to get the hair transplant done is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). It involves using a removed punch that’s just bigger than the size of a human hair follicle. The hair is plucked from a location on the back or side of your head, the so-called donor areas, where your tresses grow strongly.

Grafts are then placed in the area of hair loss, where they begin to gradually replace the inactive follicles. This allows a patient to regain hair over time until their natural hair growth is restored, and they can lead a normal life with lovely hair again.

A DHI hair transplant is performed by removing donor hair from the back of the head, and then implanting it into the balding areas of the scalp with a specific tool called an implanter pen. The same process is repeated for any additional sessions until all areas have been treated.

The Choi implanter is a device that assists Dr. Acar with precision during hair transplants. This gives him more control over the area of the scalp where he plans to place the follicles and ensures a natural-looking regrowth pattern. The patient benefits from this as well because the new hair grows in seamlessly with the existing hair, which makes for a better experience after transplant.

Hair transplant results depend on several factors. For example, the age and health of a patient impact the amount of transplanted hair and the rate at which hair will grow. But most patients see positive results within 3-4 to up to 12 months after their procedure.

Dr. Acar and his team at Cosmedica are also able to provide Sapphire FUE implantation as well as DHI Sapphire solutions. The Sapphire blade is a very precise surgical knife promising to reduce scabbing and scarring in most cases, allowing for a diminished recovery process.

Advantages of having your hair transplant at Cosmedica

Figure 4: A free hair analysis is of course included in the best hair transplant in Turkey package from Cosmedica. Photo: https://cosmedica.com/

The free online consultation at Cosmedica helps patients get informed about the options available before deciding on how to proceed with their hair transplant.

Treatment will be administered for five nights, and accommodation will be provided at a five-star hotel.

While you’re in Turkey, your hair transplant will be tailored by the well-trained staff at Cosmedica. The consultation, led by Dr. Levent Acar, details all the ways your hair growth can be maximized. This personalized approach takes into consideration how you want to look and how your body produces hair.

Cosmedica provides customized hair transplantation services, including free consultations and hair analysis, as well as pre-op and post-op care. The goal is to offer a safe environment where you do not have to worry about the after-effects of a hair transplant. They want to make sure that their customers are comfortable with all decisions regarding your body and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have at any point during your treatment.