Tie or Die

How often do you wear a tie? ESMOD Berlin fashion students spent the past two weeks making not-to-miss creations for a runway show of fashions made from thousands of recycled, repurposed ties.

Image for Tie or Die

Fashion students at Berlin’s ESMOD host a runway show featuring brand-new creations made entirely of ties, simultaneously bringing the role of the tie to the forefront.

Marlene Dietrich pioneered being a sexy, feminine woman wearing a tie. Traditionally, wearing a tie has belonged to the men’s corner as one of the few sources of fashion flair for gents. It’s time to re-reclaim the tie, and repurpose it. After all, fashion is notorious for recycling old, dated trends into new, fresh ideas.

First-year students of Berlin’s ESMOD fashion university have tied together an ode-to-the-tie fashion show created from thousands of ties, all donated to the school by the Tie Factory Edsor Berlin. Behind the inspiration for their creations was the topic “Free as a Bird” and what this phrase represented to them. The challenge of constructing garments of clothing solely from ties jump-started the creative process for the budding designers, who spent the last two weeks preparing for the show.

Tie or Die | Piazetta of the Kulturforum, Matthäikirchplatz 6, U-Bhf Potsdamer Platz, Wed May 8, 12:00