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Spreewald: Where forest meets water

Lose yourself in the magical biosphere reserve of Spreewald, 100km south of Berlin.

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With its unique flora and fauna, Spreewald is a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve. Photo: Peter Becker

As soon as you arrive, dive in, let go and enjoy the wonders of Spreewald. Let the lush meadows, ancient trees and romantic streams of this UNESCO biosphere reserve and natural paradise south of Berlin wash over you and recharge your batteries. Spreewald is known for its labyrinth of waterways, as well as its diverse flora and fauna. Of the 1,575 km-network of leafy canals, you’re free to explore 276 km by canoe or traditional boat all year round. In the warmer months you’ll spot water lilies, beaver, dragonflies and even the odd kingfisher. During winter, deer can be seen between the frost-covered trees.

Spreewald is also known for its unique local cuisine: nutty linseed oil, gherkins and yeast pancakes with cinnamon and sugar are just some of the regional delicacies popular in the region. The area also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with traditional costumes on display at the colourful Sorbian/Wendian folk festivals that take place here. Head to Spreewald to experience a true natural paradise.

For more info visit www.spreewald.de.