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  • Viva Forever: A Spice Girls tribute exhibition


Viva Forever: A Spice Girls tribute exhibition

It's officially been 20 years since the dropping of "Wannabe" – a milestone marked by The Ballery's new Spice Girls exhibition. Spice up your life and celebrate (their version of) girl power with a mix of local artists, Aug 12-16.

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It’s officially been 20 years since the dropping of “Wannabe” and to celebrate, you can spice up your life through a mix of local artists Aug 12-16 at “Wannabe”, a Spice Girls exhibition at The Ballery.

For all the Spice Girls aficionados who still “wannabe” two decades later, here’s your chance. From August 12-16, The Ballery is celebrating one of the 1990s’ biggest marketing machines with an exhibition of more than 15 international artists – all of whom loved the fab fivesome back in the day.

Obviously all that love can get extreme and demented – just like their manager and mastermind Simon Fuller planned – and so the show curated by Nadir Catalano hints at the crazy side of their fandom. You’ll see Spice Girls votive candles from Spanish digital artist Juan Sanchez Porta and a massively large-scale mural from UK artist Rory Midhani. Italian painter Federica Masini brings out the dark side of the girls with her borderline creepy illustrations (photo). Of course, pop and kitsch will still be present, too – Berlin-based artist photographer Chipi (with his drag queen alter ego La Yeti) will create a photographic self-portrait wearing the famous Spice Girl heels. 

And yes, loving the gals is okay. Just acknowledge that 1990s “girl power” started long before the Brit bombshells put on their platform shoes: L7, Bikini Kill, Courtney Love and uncountable others were making guitars screech in the name of ladybosses when “zig-a- zig-ah” wasn’t even a thing.

Regardless, Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty did help bring feminism into pop consciousness – so use the exhibition as an excuse to break out your favourite 1990s mixtapes.

Opening night on August 12 will feature tons of live performances, including musical duo Mazy and Illay recreating Spice Girl hits with an avant-garde twist. Oly Stash has planned a new queer drag performance inspired by Geri (the original Brexiter) and the rest of the ladies, and Spanish singer Victor Listerri will close the evening with acoustic covers of spicy classics.

If the 2K interested fans on Facebook suggests anything of the girls’ lasting power, maybe it’s time to say you’ll be there?

Wannabe | 1996 – 2016: A Spice Girls Art Exhibition, Aug 12-16, 18:00 | The Ballery, Nollendorfst. 11, Schöneberg, U-Bhf Nollendorfplatz