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What happened to the Wall?

Bits of the Berlin Wall have ended up in some strange places, since its fall in '89. Here are just a few.

When the Wall was torn down in 1989, most of the concrete that made up the 140km barrier was crushed and used to build roads.

There are bits and pieces left in Berlin, like the stretches in Mauerpark and the East Side Gallery, but LA is not the only place you might be surprised to stumble upon a bit of the Mauer.

From Arkansas to the Vatican, the Wall has ended up in some strange places. Here are just a few.

Vatican City The piece of the Wall that is inside the Vatican Gardens today was a gift from Marco Piccininni, an Italian-born industrial heir and finance minister of Monaco, to the Vatican in 1994. Mr. Piccininni acquired the piece of Wall in an auction in Monte Carlo in 1990.

Imperial War Museum, London A segment stands in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in the London borough of Southwark, just outside the main entrance of the Imperial War Museum.

Ein Hod Artists’ Village, Israel A piece can be found at the communal settlement located southeast of Haifa in northern Israel.

Centre de Commerce Mondial de Montréal, Québec, Canada A segment, which comes from a location near Brandenburg Gate, was given by the city of Berlin to the city of Montréal in 1992 for its 350th birthday.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, US An original 3x3m section of the Wall was erected next to the Church in the Grove. An East Berliner painted these words from the 23rd Psalm in German on the wall: “Though I walk through the dark valley, I will not fear.”

Las Vegas, Nevada, US Finally, in crass Sin City fashion, a section of the Wall is located in the men’s bathroom at the Main Street Station Brewery Hotel and Casino, so that patrons can urinate against it!