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  • What to do in March: Berlin’s best events this month


What to do in March: Berlin’s best events this month

Not sure what to do this month? We've got you covered: these are the best events in Berlin this March.

Photo: IMAGO/Jürgen Held

March in Berlin

We’ve made it! Spring is just around the corner, and March is one of the best months in Berlin: spring exhibitions are opening, tourists have yet to arrive en masse and the warmer weather makes being outside fun again. So what’s going on? This is the very best of March in Berlin:

The Sun: Source of Light in Art

March 1

Photo: Imago/Heritage Images

There’s no denying it: Berlin in February is dark. March? It’s less dark. To celebrate that, head to Potsdam’s Museum Barbarini for The Sun: Source of Light in Art. This exhibition, opening on February 25, focuses on depictions of the sun from antiquity to the present. The centrepiece of the exhibition is Monet’s Impression, Sunrise – this painting is one of the greatest of impressionism, and is rarely seen outside of its permanent home in Paris.

  • Museum Barbarini, opens Feb 25, through Jun 11, details

European Month of Photography

March 2

Photo: © Gundula Schulze Eldowy

This month-long collection of exhibitions, shows and talks is a celebration of all things photography. This year, the diversity of Berlin’s photography scene is shown at the large-scale exhibition Touch at the Amtsalon. Catch great American photographer Nan Goldin being awarded the Käthe Kollwitz Prize at AdK Hanseatenweg on March 3 at 20:00, and don’t miss the Fotografiska Days at Atelier Gardens (former BUFA) ahead of the opening of Berlin Fotografiska later this year.

  • C/O, Akademie der Künst, and other locations, through Mar 31, details

The Seagull

March 3

Photo: IMAGO/Martin Müller

Six years after his French La mouette, Thomas Ostermeier reassesses Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece for his own Berlin stage. A promising take on a Russian classic by the Schaubühne star director known for his staging of Shakespeare and the conemporary French theatre.

  • Schaubühne, starts 20:00. Also on Mar 5, 8-10, 12, 14, 15, in German w/ English subtitles, details

Weird Al

March 5

Photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Satirist, musician and comedian Weird Al Yankovic is coming to Berlin for the first time. Known for hits like “Amish Paradise” and “I’m Fat”, for decades now he’s been cleverly reworking pop hits into parodies. With a new biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe in the works, Al has had a bit of a renaissance recently. His new European tour will feature both parodies and original songs.

  • Admiralspalast Berlin, begins at 19:00, details

Museum Sunday

March 5

Photo: IMAGO / Panthermedia

It’s that time of the month again! Grab a Zeitfensterticket and enjoy Berlin’s vast cultural offerings at all state-owned museums and galleries, completely free of charge.

EXBlicks: Seven Winters in Tehran

March 6


Join EXB’s monthly film night with the post-Berlinale Berlin premiere of the shocking account of Reyhaneh Jabbari, who spent seven years in Iranian jails before being executed for stabbing her attempted rapist. The screening will host the director and Jabbari’s mother.

  • Lichtblick Kino, starts 20:00, details

International Tourism Convention

March 7


Pack your bags and head to Berlin’s massive 1930s exhibition hall, where you can browse for your next vacation destination at the world’s largest travel industry convention.

  • Messe, 10:00-18:00, through Mar 9, details

Radar Ost

March 8

Photo: Judah Khatia Psuturi

The annual celebration of Eastern European theatre promises an emotional few days with performances attempting answer the question: how do you artistically deal with war and war crimes?

  • Deutsches Theatre, through Mar 12, languages vary w/ subtitles, details

International Women’s Day

March 8

Photo: IMAGO / Emmanuele Contini

Since 2019, International Women’s Day has been a public holiday in Berlin, so no excuse to come out and celebrate society’s better half at the annual women’s rights demonstration, which takes place near the Brandenburg Gate.

  • Events, demonstrations and celebrations in various locations

CIPHERS: A conversation

March 10

Photo: A-P Bookstore

At this English language event, novelists Stephanie LaCava and Lauren Oyler discuss the intersection of power and language in image making. Both novelists explore the impacts of life in the digital age on the body, and particular the intersection of fame and culture and the female body.

  • A-P Bookstore, starts 19:00, details

Lebanon Hanover

March 11

Photo: IMAGO / Scanpix

The post-punk, gothic, dark-wave deo Lebanon Hanover return to Berlin for some brash, bleak electro ponderings, with support from Uncanny Valley.

We Want Never, Never, Never

March 11

Photo: © Promo for Wir wollen nie, nie, nie

A synergistic blend of aerial acrobatics, puppet theatre, physical theatre and dance. In their joint production, puppeteer Jarnoth and trapeze artist Moritz Haase embark on an intense trip and find an unusual new form between puppet theatre and new circus.

  • Schaubude Berlin, 20:00, also Mar 12, details

OZ: The Magic in Us

March 17

Photo: © Lucian Patermann & René Löffler

What is the meaning of home? A retelling of The Wizard of Oz, this dance performance asks this question and many more, all while being relatable and fun for children.

  • Podewil, starts at 10:00, through Mar 26, details

Deal with the Devil at the Philharmonic

March 17

Photo: IMAGO/Emmanuele Contini

Seduced by the promise of great wealth, a soldier surrenders his violin and thus his soul to the devil. A fatal exchange: Stravinsky’s story of the soldier deals with existential themes in play-like scenes and with cabaret-like music.

  • Berliner Philharmoniker, starts 20:00, details


March 17

Photo: IMAGO/DRAMA-Berlin.de

The intellectual, multi-disciplinary series of events including films, talks, theatre and concert returns once again. Curated by journalist and musician Kamila Metwaly, expect some serious dives into the world of the avant-garde.

  • Haus der Berliner Festpiele, through Mar 26, details

Colored Moth, Local Support and Yeahrs

March 17

Photo: Promo

Berlin’s best punk, hardcore and shoegaze bands unite to create a riotous mess of Berlin’s city centre. Check out our interview with the post-punk Yeahrs here.

  • Schokoladen, starts 20:00, details

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17

Photo: IMAGO/Christian Mang

St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to get out and explore some of Berlin’s many Irish pubs. There will be live music, special events and Guinness galore.

Running Around the Müggelturm

March 19

Photo: IMAGO/daily mirror

Celebrate the beginning of spring with the Müggelturm run: this popular spring tradition routes through the beautiful nature south of the Müggelberge and along the Dahme. The distances offered are five kilometers, ten kilometers and half marathon.

  • Wendenschloss, starts 10:00, details


March 19

Photo: IMAGO/imagebroker

Under the direction of one of the world’s leading conductors, Simon Rattle, this new production of Mozart’s tragedy promises nothing but operatic perfection.

  • Staatsoper, starts at 18:00, also playing Mar 23, 26, 28 and 30, details

Rainbow Serpent

March 23

Photo: courtesy the artist and Kukje Gallery

Daniel Boyd is a First Nations Australian artist whose work aims to reframe the visual narratives of his ancestors by intertwining the historical, mythological and the personal to create a new perspective on the foundational stories of his homeland. This exhibition features 45 of Boyd’s paintings, and is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Europe.

  • Gropius Bau, through Jul 9, details

Nu Genea

March 23

Photo: IMAGO/NurPhoto

Disco, disco, disco! Nothing beats the tropical sound of the Italian powerhouse that is Nu Genea. Although Nu Genea records music as a duo, this tour they’ll be joined by six other musicians to help fill out their hedonistic, Mediterranean sound.

  • Astra Kulturhaus, starts at 20:00, details

Cultural Fabric

March 23

Photo: Fotografiska promo

As part of the European Month of Photography event, Fotografiska is presenting the exhibition Cultural Fabric at the Atelier Gardens venue. This show is an artistic exploration of the power of visual language in relation to fashion and art: rereading diverse image- and brand-making strategies, including their creative and subversive potential. The multidisciplinary group show will feature new works from nine international artists.

  • Atelier Gardens, through Mar 25, details

Spring Festival

March 24

Photo: © Schaustellerverband Berlin

Nothing says spring like enormous, slightly terrifying rabbit statues. Kicking off the Berlin funfair season, the Spring Festival has a great choice of amusements for children and adults: around 60 rides, including rollercoasters, fun houses, a ghost train, Ferris wheels, and many more. A special highlight is the London-style Ferris wheel, which offers a very special view over the colorful hustle and bustle of the fair.

  • Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207, through May 1, details

Flashes of Memory: Photography in the Holocaust

March 24

Photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

The exhibition Flashes of Memory: Photography During the Holocaust at the Museum of Photography explores the various photographic perspectives on the Holocaust. Photographs, films, and cameras from archives and museums across the US, Europe, and Israel have been brought together for the show, which first opened in Jerusalem in 2018.

  • Museum for Photography, through Aug 20, details

Kolektif: Berlin Bike Fair

March 24

Photo: Kolektif Berlin

The Kolektif Berlin bike fair is for crews, start-ups, established brands and big labels to celebrate their passion for everything about bikes. Come check out fancy bikes, chat with industry pros and take a test ride. Street food and coffee will also be available!

  • Motorwerk Berlin, through Mar 26, details

Jorge Aragao

March 25

Photo: IMAGO/TheNews2

Samba legend Jorge Aragão is bringing some sunshine to Gretchen. With over 20 albums and a career spanning back to the late 1970s, Jorge’s sound captures the joy and resistance of Brazilian popular art.

Retropia: Design for Socialist Spaces

March 25

Photo: IMAGO/Heritage Images

“Back to the future” is the motto of this exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts. It focuses on the tradition of Cold War-era utopian design in Soviet bloc countries. The exhibition was developed together with various expert teams. Exemplary designs for public and private spaces will be shown, from the kitchen to the airport lounge.

  • Museum of Decorative Arts, through Jul 17, details

Earth Hour

March 25

Photo: IMAGO/epd

Every year on March 25, participating individuals and governments turn off the lights for one hour to raise awareness about climate change and other ecological problems. The idea originated in Australia in 2007, but has since spread around the world – this year, watch as the Brandenburg Gate and other Berlin monuments go dark at 20:30.

Great Indian Food Festival

March 25

Image: Promo

Berlin’s biggest Indian food fest is coming! The food festival will feature over 15 Indian food popups and trucks, each presenting a unique take on modern and traditional Indian cuisine. The food festival will also feature a Bollywood dance party.

  • Sage Beach Berlin, 11:30-midnight, details

Greek Film Festival

March 29

Photo: Babylon promo

Kicking off with Where We Live, a tale of lawyerly ennui, this year’s program will also spotlight celebrated actor, screenwriter and producer Vangelis Mourikis.

Premier League Darts

March 30


Think playing darts is only fit for the pub? Think again – the best dart throwers in the world are coming to Mercedes-Benz Arena for a premier league dart tournament. Come see some wildly accurate throws, and maybe learn a thing or two for your next game.

  • Mercedes-Benz Arena, starts 20:00, details

Sátántangó Live

March 31

Photo: IMAGO/Ronald Grant

Experience Hungarian cinematographer Béla Tarr’s masterpiece Sátántangó the right way. The full seven-hour film will be screened across two days with a complete, live backing orchestra in the intimate setting of Betonhalle.

  • Silent Green, Betonhalle, through Apr 1, starts 20:00, details

Tree Blossom Festival

March 31

Photo: IMAGO/Jürgen Held

Come celebrate the beginning of spring! This spring festival will feature amusement park rides, along with a cozy beer garden that offers plenty of space to linger and enjoy a glass of fruit wine and an original Thuringian grilled sausage.

  • Gutspark Britz, through Apr 16, details