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Your Weekend: Live the spike

Think of Berlin as a cardiograph. The peaks mean we're living it, baby. But try not to think of all that. Just get out there.

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Photo by Freddy Hagen

This weekend is a spike weekend for Berlin. If you think about Berlin like a cardiograph –  first a straight line, that jumps up, then drops a bit below the line, then back to the line, repeat – it’s not unlike the endless cycle of weekends. This weekend the line leaps way up.

And the peaks mean we’re living it, baby. Get out there.

If you do have to stay in bed this weekend, though, get into bed with us! EXBERLINER hosts a 24-hour Bed-in (Fri, Jan 7 @ Noodles) with all the slumber party, witching hour, morning after fun you could hope for. And just to remind you, no matter what else you’re up to, it’s a 24 hour event… maybe a good place for a relaxing afterparty – and it’s ALL FREE. If your not ready for bed, Nuclear Family (Fri, Jan 7 @ CCCP) electrocise’s the demons (or they are the demons) in an old haunt’s new location. And Camp! (Fri, Jan 7 @ Festsaal) kicks off in Kreuzberg with a cabaret cast of thousands that probably won’t let you leave until you’re ready for bed (-in). Mad Kate, Electrosexual and Kissogram are among those that help.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner (Sat, Jan 8 @ SO36) continues its rampage through the Berlin music scene with its attempt to have everyone who has ever picked up an interest in Berlin play at the club. And it’s awesome. Gegen Berlin (Sat, Jan 8 @ M.I.K.Z.)also kicks off this weekend, put on by some of the same people who used to do Sabotage not-so-long ago. Somebody once told me that gegen is the first German word they learned after moving here because of all the graffiti, in that case this party encapsulates all of Berlin, and it’s anti-authoritarian strains, into one danceable strain of art, music, decadence and political dissidence.

Live the spike. It won’t last forever.