Zsófia Bán at the ILB

Brazilian-Hungarian writer Zsófia Bán brings her fiction and cultural analysis to the ILB. She reads her award-winning short story "When There Were Only Animals" at 19:30 on Sep 14.

Image for Zsófia Bán at the ILB

With themes of memory, visuality and historical trauma, Brazilian-Hungarian writer Zsófia Bán examines contemporary cultures through essays and short stories. Her writings, which span film to literature to photography, have earned her a Fulbright Fellowship at Harvard University and a fellowship at the John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin. On Sep 14, she reads “When There Were Only Animals” – featured in Best European Fiction 2012 – at 19:30, connecting ideas as varied as memory-making, map-making and global warming. 

Why/when/where write: Compulsion. Ceaselessly. Cubicle.

Writing aids: No distractions (like questionnaires).

Defining literary moment: When I learned to read.

What would you like to be remembered for? For the red hair I used to have when I was 14.

Shoe size: Growing…