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The Berlinale Blog: Meet the bloggers

Our Berlinale blog kicks off along with the Berlinale tomorrow! Meet the bloggers who will be taking you through the highlights, the lowlights and the gratuitous gossip here! And check back every day for on-the-ground coverage!

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From left to right: Ben Knight, Eve Lucas, Rory O’Connor, D. Strauss

Exberliner’s Berlinale bloggers have their press badges and are ready for ten days (Feb 6-16) of intensive battle. From foot soldiers to standard bearers, you won’t get nearer to the fray than right here, in our online blog. We’ll be updating several times a day – so stay close!

Meet the bloggers now:

Into her third year as Exberliner’s film editor, Eve Lucas will be staying true to her eclectic viewing habits (anything but zombies) covering Berlinale from the ground up with reviews, interviews—and press conference reportage if properly bribed (take note George/Viggo/Ralph).  

Ben Knight has been appointed the EXB’s “society correspondent” at the Berlinale: that means he will report embarrassing marriage proposals by lonely hacks at Hollywood star press conferences, anti-social behaviour by pale cineastes in queues, frantic efforts of publicists at parties, and he will talk to forlorn screenwriters at the European Film Market because no one else will.

As old as Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man, yet a babe comparable to the Space Foetus of 2001, Exberliner Senior Editor D. Strauss shall be living in the past, tracking the Retrospectives with Keaton-esque brio, as well as the Specials: one from column A, one from column B, and a bottle of Visene to get him through the week.

Rory O’Connor will be blogging competition films alongside those from the smaller sections that catch his roving cinematic eye, delivering his calculated humble opinions on everything from this year’s hyped up heavyweights to the festival’s darkest recesses.