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Eve Lucas: Two to be missed, for sure…

Our film editor has come across two films that she dutily feels she should tell you to avoid. Save yourself some euros and avoid, avoid, avoid!

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Joven y Alocada (Young and Wild) | D: Marialy Rivas (Chile, 2012) with Alicia Rodriquez, Andrea Garcia-Huidobro

On the whole, one can’t help asking what Generation 14+ programme was thinking by including this as a film for young people. Okay, a young, highly sexed adolescent unsure of her preferences and beliefs is doubtless a subject close to the hearts and minds of many young people, but the overriding impression remains one of honest but ultimately prurient intrusiveness at the expense of a satisfying contextualization. Much more could have been made of this, with much less skin.

Sommeil d’Or (Golden Slumbers) | D: Davy Chou, documentary (France, Cambodia 2011)

Eminently well-intentioned, Golden Slumbers is rather too aptly named to snag viewer attention. It’s always difficult to make a movie around a vacuum (in this case, the hey-day of Cambodia’s film industry prior to its eradication by the Khmer Rouge), especially if filling that vacuum involves long interviews and re-narrated plots. Davy Chou is the grandson of Cambodian director Van Chann and one wishes him well for what is clearly a labour of love – but this is one for aficionados and niche specialists.