Ben Knight: Much Udo about nothing



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Udo Kier... perhaps the last person in the world I'd wanna tick off. Ever since von Triers 'Kingdom' where his face is the one of the monster baby being born, pressed out of a vagina, screaming, with bloody gore all over his face, he's been a constant in my nightmares.
If I were you, I wouldn't be able to sleep again. Ever.
But kudos for a great blog and a valuable sacrifice!

Ida Kys more than 9 years ago

And there's nothing wrong...

With ritual humiliation. Obviously.

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago


Some ACTION at the Berlinale... I'm afraid that Angelina made everyone weak-kneed. Well, done, Ben! I fear not now the press conference of the Berlinale. Should I even have the opportunity to go, I know in my heart that I could never shame myself as you did.

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

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