The Berlinale Blog: LaBeouf is not the same as von Trier or Cantona



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three explanations

I have three different explanations of this quasi-eclat:
a) he did a bender the night before (look at his filthy cap) and was still inebriated
b) his press agent told him to be more "street"
c) he liked Ken Loach's "Looking for Eric" so much, he actually _wants_ to be Cantona

Whatever the case, poor performance.

Frank more than 6 years ago


I get the feeling you don't like him

Cock Knuckle more than 6 years ago


He's ok really. I just saw the bag thing and now I think he's just going through a phase. He should've come up with a more original Spruch for the press conference though.

Ben Knight more than 6 years ago

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