The Berlinale Blog: Why are there no great German movies anymore?



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ye victoria amazing

rahel more than 6 years ago


yes.. victoria.. amazing...

susi more than 6 years ago

try this for size

When you feed the beast with "Victoria" it will be smiling. Give it half an hour (of 140min runtime) and you're hooked. I shall not say more. Only this much: don't sit too close to the screen - the handheld camera in the climax had me almost in the ropes. (I am subject to motion sickness in my mature years). It sounds like a preposterous idea to do a movie like this in one giant tracking shot...but you definitely want to give this one a try !

Frank more than 6 years ago

There is no harmony in the universe.

One of my all time favourite films, showing Herzog at low tide, as the sea of life leaves the mangrove mud of his soul exposed in all its black, stinking glory. We need more films where crew members are crushed beneath hundreds of tons of rusting machinery! I will be happy with nothing less!

Carl Holm more than 6 years ago

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