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Look within yrself

Does it strike anyone else as MORE RACIST to ascribe Japanese to a term you don't understand and consider it a slur because that's what instantly comes into yr mind? Is that how you operate when you don't understand something? That to me is a cornerstone of racism right there. I suggest, "Concerned", that you reevaluate yr own tendencies before telling other people they have them.

Walter Crasshole more than 10 years ago

Disco 2011

Pulp reformed for a string of festival dates and will be headlining Sunday night for all us misfits who missed out the first time around.

As for yukis, those would be the young urban kreative internationals kicking your rents up and writing blogs like these. We might make up pretentious acronyms, but we aren't racists...

Annabel Brady-Brown more than 10 years ago

Is Yuki some sort of racist term for the Japanese?

It's bad enough with Hipster Hitler -- do you people think you're Vice Magazine or something?

Concerned more than 10 years ago

Common People?

Is Jarv playing?

MTF more than 10 years ago

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