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Sarah Kane

This was a shockingly banal rendition of three great pieces. Would one ever guess from this production that Kane's art had roots in the Jacobinian theater, Artaud, Strinber, or Bond? It was a blend, soothing, deliberately non-provoking piece of regietheater. Who ever saw the original Royal Court or say Zadek's version, has to be offended by this crowd pleasing spectacle.

Vilma Singer more than 9 years ago


It was indeed a frustrating opening: three-and-a-half hours sitting uncomfortably in a stuffy auditorium to be subjected to - no less! - than three (always 'difficult) pieces by Sarah Kane. Of course it was the TT opening night and one was entitled to expect something a bit special. Alas this was neither a crowd pleaser nor a challenging outstanding piece - challenging to our nerves and patience only. The three pieces were a very expectable display of average contemporary theater - mostly surfing the surfaces of the beautiful demented depths contained in the texts. Of course the stage design was great, the translation beautiful (funny how good Kane 'sounds' in German) , but the directing was poor and actors barely good enough to carry it all. And I love Sandra Hüller (definitely the best of the average cast), but she really didn't compare to Isabelle Huppert in the same piece (Psychosis).

mila more than 9 years ago

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