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EXBERLINER’S Halloween party round-up

A freakin' guide for freaks on Halloween. With so much to do, we help you figure out what's what to enjoy on the one holiday that almost everyone seems to love.

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Photo by Jonas Kjærgaard
Halloween is a once-a-year party for those who need a bit of anonymity to release their inhibitions. But for some lucky bastards, every day is Halloween. Actually, for a lot of lucky bastards in Berlin every day is Halloween. But regardless, here’s one more excuse for you ‘drag’ that colored wig out of the closet. EXBERLINER gives you a quick round-up of just a few of the best things happening for Halloween. Just take our advice and don’t dress up as a decade. This is Berlin, not Hot Tub Time Machine. First on the freakshow list comes from ZMF. Neon Raiders Halloween Special (October 30) has Velvet Condom tapped for a live show to make it, what else, a dark wave-y Halloween and Just Eigk, Dickey Doo and Sheila Chipperfield (of Elastica fame) all spin until you die. Plus, they advertise queer chainsaw pop! How rad is that? For that genuine cheesy-kitsch Halloween feel it’ll have to come from North America by way of former LA-based art gallery Peres ProjectsZombie Bikers from Mars (October 30). The tunes (no creepy organ music) will be provided by Jeremy Shaw and Little Mike and there will be disturbingly disgusting visuals by Helga Wretman & JFK. For the rock inclined, the Fuzztones – the resurrected psychedelic-glam-rock punks from before you could spell vinyl – are back from the grave for a European tour that just happens to bring them to Berlin’s Bassy Club Saturday (October 30). Their new album, Preaching to the Perverted, is a freak-filled show that is sure to inspire you to inject a bit of Halloween into your daily routine. At some point the time it takes to remove make-up isn’t worth it. For some of us, Halloween is about fright and gore and horror, more than drink-’til-you-vomit exhibitionism. The Märchenhütte, Berlin’s Sleepy-Hollow-setting for fairytale theatre, presents a literary Halloween event. The Man of Shadows (October 30) show  follows the most riveting tales in the history of horror, from Edgar Allen Poe to Bram Stoker, from moody silent films to the splaying body parts of modern cinema – a performance of music and readings that brings back a bit of imagination and mystery for Halloween. On the real All Hallows Eve, White Trash’s own dance-makers, Shaun Mulrooney aka Admiral Black and Mamasweed, will whisk up a scary soundtrack for a Halloween-bash as we know it: party-goers in hair-raising outfits galore trying to be as scary as possible – but what’s out of the ordinary is the official after party for Peaches Does Herself (October 31). Expect Peaches-ness and a very special guest star – Sandy Kane aka the Naked Cowgirl…! And for the techno-inclined, Kleine Reise is hosting a special Halloween masquerade ball all in the name of Twin Peaks. They’re calling it Red Room Halloween (October 31). We wonder if they’re aware that the place where Laura Palmer dwells is technically called the “Black Lodge”, although the reference is certainly not lost. The DJ of the evening will be Derek Plaslaiko, known for his residency at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC. The mix of dark Detroit techno and a gloomy movie theme will function as the perfect setting for a twilight party experience. And showing up as Twin Peaks’ ubiquitous personification of evil (Bob) won’t be necessary – some of the people wandering around Görlitzer Park could fit that physical description.