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Kirsty Bell on the murky Undercurrents of Berlin history

Art critic and author Kirsty Bell on Berlin’s waterways and understanding the city from below.

April's best books

What to read this month: April 2022

Looking for something to read this April? Our pick of the best books from the Dussmann bookshelf


The man behind Zadig, Berlin’s premiere French bookstore

With Zadig, Patrick Suel became Berlin's "DJ of French books", but he still dreams of a “littérature-monde”

French Berlin

Mathilde Ramadier: “Anger is my power”

Graphic novelist and essayist Mathile Ramadier drew upon her experiences in Berlin for her critical books


“Your focus was stolen”: Johann Hari on why you can’t pay attention

Journalist Johann Hari takes on surveillance capitalism and a digital detox in his quest for focus.


Curious Fox: A new den in Kreuzberg

Our books editor Alexander Wells visits a much-loved bookshop in its new Kiez.


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