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Durs Grünbein on Porcelain, his poetry cycle on the fragmented history of Dresden

Büchner Prize-winning poet and essayist Durs Grünbein spoke with us about Dresden and the nature of violence.

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Happy Stories, Mostly: A beguiling new collection from Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Alexander Wells on breakthrough gay Indonesian author Norman Erikson Pasaribu and his new short story collection.


James J. Conway on Rixdorf Editions and Wilhelmine Berlin

James J. Conway on his love for bohemian Berlin and his five-year old indie press, Rixdorf Editions.


Jenny Erpenbeck on Marx, shattered hopes and growing up in the DDR

The prize-winning German author Jenny Erpenbeck talks about Marx, growing up in the DDR, and shattered hopes.


Keston Sutherland on how (not) to translate Marx

English poet Keston Sutherland argues the ability of Marx to “speak in different voices” is often missed […]


What to read this month: new books for February 2022

Olga Ravn's strange tale of (very) late capitalism, distant transit from Maja Haderlap and where Steph Curry […]


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