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Mathilde Ramadier: “Anger is my power”

Graphic novelist and essayist Mathile Ramadier drew upon her experiences in Berlin for her critical books


“Your focus was stolen”: Johann Hari on why you can’t pay attention

Journalist Johann Hari takes on surveillance capitalism and a digital detox in his quest for focus.


Curious Fox: A new den in Kreuzberg

Our books editor Alexander Wells visits a much-loved bookshop in its new Kiez.

From the Dussman bookshelf

What to read this month: March 2022

What are the best new English-language books coming to Berlin this month?


Durs Grünbein on Porcelain, his poetry cycle on the fragmented history of Dresden

Büchner Prize-winning poet and essayist Durs Grünbein spoke with us about Dresden and the nature of violence.

Editor's note

Happy Stories, Mostly: A beguiling new collection from Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Alexander Wells on breakthrough gay Indonesian author Norman Erikson Pasaribu and his new short story collection.


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