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Perihan Magden at the ILB

Turkish novelist Perihan Magden speaks about the future of cities with a panel of writers at 18:00 on Sep 10.

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Photo by Muhsin Akgün

Nearly a decade ago, the Turkish novelist, columnist and essayist was prosecuted – and earned international support – for opposing Turkey’s mandatory military service. She was acquitted in 2006 and, that same year, published the political essay collection Politik Yazılar. Her latest novel, Ali and Ramazan, explores adolescent anguish through a tale of love between two orphan boys. She joins a panel of authors and scientists on Sep 10 at 18:00 to consider the future of cities. 

Three-word alliterative self-description: Impatient, irritable, irreconcilable.  

Why write: Because that is my craft. 

When/where: Early afternoons. At my own desk. 

Writing aids: Pen and paper. 

Back-up plan: Real estate. 

What you’d like to be remembered for: Sarcasm.