Casting the first Stern



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Oh my God, I love this article!
And yes, thats our club. Perfectly captured.
You might be interested that we are now trying to renovate the homepage and also to create some banners for the fences. You should check out our "stadium" (yes, the inverted commas fit perfectly) at the beginning of the next season.
So long, folks!

Craig more than 9 years ago

nice one stern!

good article. was also present at the game as I was on holiday in Berlin. have to agree it wasn't the greatest of games but good luck to Stern in the final.

Chris Powell more than 9 years ago

The best piece

on Stern Steglitz is written in English, funny!

Nonetheless, can't wait for June 8, but hoping for BFC to win!

Steve more than 9 years ago


that the best piece I have read yet on Stern Steglitz is written in English. Thanks!

Nevertheless, stern play a legend, auf dynamo!

surfer more than 9 years ago

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