Confidence tricksters



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You could be right about him being given time. It will be also intzeresting to see if Savran will get a game (If mosquera doesnt make it). They need to score goals though, according to todays kurier,7168992,10883392.html
its been a long time since Glinker's last clean sheet!

Sweetman more than 10 years ago

Foto credit

for the second time in a row i've fucked this up somehow. this weeks foto is from the wonderful sorry, jacob

Sweetman more than 10 years ago

I'm not so sure

whether the crowds will really be more demanding as Terodde is the kind of physical and hard working player traditionally poular at Alte Försterei. My impression is that people will be quite patient with him as long as he keeps up his work rate.
I agree on the other hand that it is just a matter of time for him to score his first and then quite a few will follow way easier.

keano more than 10 years ago

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