Daily Berlin Corona update: Thursday, April 2

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"Berliners are still permitted to sit down on park benches alone"
Still? My friend was stopped from reading the newspaper, alone, and sent home by the Police on the weekend.
I told her she should shout at the Police to stay back two metres, and when they do, claim she can't hear what they are saying because they are so far away! ;-)

Theo Van Schopes more than 1 year ago

but now...

... Kafka takes over from Orwell as the Virtue-Signalling Hygiene Purity competition between grocery stores kicks in. In the middle of the week, one store had phased out the use of hand-baskets (too difficult to sanitize), making shopping carts mandatory (it was like the '90s again)... so I switched to a store in which hand-baskets were still allowed. Not for long! Soon, this second store was banning hand-baskets and upping the ante by making one queue in a line for shopping carts, THEN queue in a line to enter the store (monitored and conducted by a deputized check-out lady). Which store will win bragging rights as the most hygiene-purity minded? The one that requires customers to pass through a Vinegar Mist when entering and exiting the premises, of course!

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago


"This said, Berliners are still permitted to sit down on park benches alone, in pairs or with people from their own household, provided it's for short periods of time and that people keep a 5m distance."

"Still" isn't correct, it was not permitted until the clarification today, the distance is 1.5 on benches and 5m if you sit on a blanket on the grass and most importantly the obligation to carry an id with your address has been canceled.

Dane more than 1 year ago

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