Counting the cost of being a cult club


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@oberliga wasn't a hard time

I like how, ironically, the first 3 paragraphs of the article describe the attitude of this guy.

'Only the Union demo was good. The first album sucked.'

ben more than 9 years ago


Thomas: If the old Union fans don't want new fans, I suppose they could just stop giving us such a warm welcome. But unfortunately I have never felt so happy at a football ground as in Köpenick, and I've talked to various people (including you, Jake) about similar experiences. In retrospect, of course I regret not having been around to help build the stadium - I just didn't get infected by the virus until this year. But if and when the call goes out again for the main stand, I'll be there. Not with bare hands though, Jake; I'm experienced enough to know you put gloves on. But will I be welcomed?
I have never seen more trendy glasses (Brillen, not Gläser) at a football match than last Friday and realized that they were being worn by St Pauli fans, all around me. They looked civilized, cultivated, maybe even bourgeois. So what? Isn't it the amazing cultural mix that makes clubs like St Pauli and Union so special? Can people justify excluding fans that look different?

Gareth more than 9 years ago


Thanks Thomas, What I'd like to know is, do you think it was inevitable that either the club would go bust or become successful? Was there ever a realistic way that the club could have stabilised themselves without having to have the other things that take away the "rock and roll"? I'm not belittling what you got to say, Im just interested, because this is a problem around football in general, but is it a case of "everything was always better in the old days"? And if not Union, who do you go to now?
Cheers for your comment, hopefully you'll still find your goals somewhere mate.

Sweetman more than 9 years ago

oberliga wasn't a hard time

"Its because they haven't been through the Oberliga with us." Haha!!! Oberliga was already luxury and commerce. Several thousands followed the club through these times. But what is about the 90's? Where were all these correct Union-Fans in the decade when it was officially not cool to see soccer without roof and eventcharacter. Every match was maybe the last. Only 500 fans and less watched the matches. But it was the best time ever. And it's a shame, to see which way took the club during the last years. It's only a normal professional way - but it is no rock'n roll any more. And that's the death of the club. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but the end is visible already.... Good bye 1.FC Union Berlin.

thomas more than 9 years ago

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