Don't look any Fürther



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It looks like he will be fit to play with a mask, gazza style. Good news. Nice article Jacob, keep up the good work.

Pretty boy more than 10 years ago


Cheers, as always mate. What do you think about the 'keeper situation? i think it would be harsh to drop Glinker, but it's not the first mistake he's made. But shouldn't it be blamed on the defence really? Interested. Jake

@gerd, cheers again mate. personally, i think it could actually bring Brunnemann back, as maybe Parensen will go to the sechser role, like he did against Hertha, leaving Ede or Brunne on the left when they switch back to 2 up front.

sweetman more than 10 years ago

Terrible Adverts

"Four goals in Frankfurt, four in Berlin.... and many adverts in Fürth"

It was indeed a disgrace to the soul of football. Thousend of corners presented by a local chemistry and so on. But this sentence above brings the smile back on my face.

Bunki (alias bunkinho) more than 10 years ago


Nice piece Jacob, I think that missing Peitz will be catastrophic for Union. Rauw get sent off or gives away a penalty every time, mac (as you point out) is too slow. And I think it is rice they are growing at the Trolli.

Gerd more than 10 years ago

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