Eisern lose to the lions on a peanut butter pitch


Stadion An Der Alten Försterei

An Der Wuhlheide 263, 12555 Berlin

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What a very fair and even handed article! Good to read an account of the football not overburdened by whiny partisanship and the "what about MY team" mentality!

la pasionaria more than 9 years ago


I dont know where to start, wiith the ludicrous assumption that I am paid, or the flattering one that I am a journalist! For the record hertha have been featured every single week the page has been running, this week will be an exeption because stephen is away and I have a life too, I'm afraid. I am sorry though, you must be a massive fan. It was 5-0. Jacob

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


Yet another Union article, but none about Hertha's 6-0 victory at the weekend! Mr Sweetman, as a paid journalist you should be ashamed. I for one won't bother next time!

Herthinho more than 9 years ago

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