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  • Berlin police threaten legal action over mouldy bread rolls

Wednesday 3, January

Berlin police threaten legal action over mouldy bread rolls

Thousands of police were called up over New Year's Eve only to be given mouldy bread rolls.

Police shared this image of their mouldy bread on social media. Photo: X / DPolGBerlin

Wednesday 3, January

Berlin police complain about “disgusting” mouldy bread rolls

You won’t like them when they’re hangry. Ahead of New Year’s Eve, Berlin issues a “state of emergency” and called up all available officers in order to police the city in order to tackle the annual frenzy of fireworks. But as they say, an army marches on its stomach – and that’s where this force ran into some problems.

Berlin’s police force released a statement yesterday in which they shared information about the “disgusting” state of the police packed lunches over New Year’s Eve. The incoming officers deployed across the city in preparation for expected violence over New Year’s Eve were looking forward to eating their regular meal packages of two rolls, a sausage, mustard, ketchup, an apple and a chocolate bar. But when they opened their lunch bags, they discovered the bread was mouldy and inedible.

In their statement, the police force stated that the dishes were prepared by a catering company based in Berlin from whom the police have requested a statement before they decide whether to pursue legal consequences. No one is believed to have fallen ill, perhaps because service members were quickly instructed to bin the contaminated meals. Those who were unable to eat their meals will receive compensation for their expenses. Hot food and drinks were provided by the same company, but they did not have any noticeable deficiencies.