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On Google Maps, there is still a giant swastika in a field in Brandenburg

Six months ago, a helicopter spotted the banned symbol mowed into a field in Brandenburg. The actual […]

Wednesday 8, February

Found! Missing 72 year old and grandchild discovered after large police search

Following an intensive police operation with helicopters and search dogs, a missing baby and her grandmother were […]

Tuesday 7, February

Angry motorists attack Last Generation activists, driving vehicle over foot

For months, activists have been gluing themselves to Berlin's motorways to protest climate change. On Monday, things […]

Monday 6, February

Berlin policeman banned from TikTok and Youtube after clan boss chat

"Officer Denny" is a likeable Berlin TikTok policeman, but he's in trouble with his employers after appearing […]

Friday 3, February

Was the Aquadom already leaking back in 2018?

Former employees of the Hotel Radisson claim the giant aquarium was already leaking back in 2018. Could […]

Thursday 2, February

Mask requirement ends on Berlin public transport

The mask requirement came into effect on April 27, 2020 and for the best part of three […]


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