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The BVG made a musical – and tickets are already sold out

Tickets for the BVG musical cost €29, and were valid for your journey in the AB zone. […]

Friday 10, November

Berlin lights up Brandenburg Gate 85 years on from Nazi pogrom

Marking 85 years since Kristallnacht, the iconic Berlin landmark was lit up with a star of David […]

Thursday 9, November

“Stop the Genocide”: Protest with hidden bluetooth speakers at Stabi library

Last week, activists hid bluetooth speakers among the bookshelves at Stabi library to play political messages.

Wednesday 8, November

Berlin finally makes registering your address possible online

Berlin enters the 1990s! Starting this Wednesday, Berliners will be available get their Meldebescheinigung to register a […]

Tuesday 7, November

KaDeWe and Naturkundemuseum hit by cyber attacks

Since Friday, shoppers at the KaDeWe department store have not been able to pay with card due […]

Monday 6, November

Whoops! Berlin police lose 2 guns, 100 rounds of ammo, 390 cans of pepper spray…

Since 2021, Berlin police have lost guns, ammunition, batons and bullet-proof vests. But really, what's the worst […]


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