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Berlin is taking more cocaine, speed, crystal meth – less MDMA

What drugs are on the rise in Berlin, and which are falling in popularity? New data reveals […]

Tuesday 21, March

Express Metropolis Berlin: Internal documents reveal new BVG transport plan

Internal documents from the BVG reveal a new long-term vision including the construction of an entirely new […]

Monday 20, March

Men blow up an ATM in Prenzlauer Berg, flee with cash on bicycles

After blowing up an ATM on Greifswalder Straße, the unidentified suspects escaped by bicycle - cash in […]

Friday 17, March

Human traffickers arrested in Berlin

Five men have been arrested for allegedly trafficking about 90 Turkish and Iraqi citizens into Germany.

Thursday 16, March

Shooting in Charlottenburg: Two men injured

At around 17:15 on Wednesday evening, a shooting occurred in Charlottenburg. Two men are being treated in […]

Wednesday 15, March

Pregnant woman falls in front of train at Warschauer Strasse – but isn’t injured

After fainting into the path of an oncoming S7 train at Warschauer Strasse, the woman was miraculously […]


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