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  • S-Bahn strike ends, BVG strike incoming

Monday 29, January

S-Bahn strike ends, BVG strike incoming

Germany's train strike has ended with normal service resuming on Monday morning. But don't get used to it. The BVG is set to strike this Friday.

Photo: IMAGO / photothek

Monday 29, January

S-Bahn strikes ends, BVG strike incoming

See that light at the end of the tunnel? It’s another train (not) coming. Germany’s nationwide train strike ended early on Monday morning, with regional and long-distance trains and Berlin’s S-Bahn all returning to normal service after the GDL union agreed to reopen negotiations with Deutsche Bahn in their collective bargaining dispute. There has also been an agreement that there will be no further strikes until March 3.

In Berlin, however, it looks like we won’t need to wait that long until the public transport is disrupted again. Verdi, the union representing BVG workers, has called for a warning strike this Friday as it begins its own round of collective bargaining negotiations. The union is demanding that all employees receive holiday pay of €500 per year and 33 days vacation. This strike should only last one day, but it may be even more disruptive for Berliners, with the U-Bahn, trams and bus services all ceasing service.