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Friday 3, March

What would a big coalition mean for Berlin?

A coalition between the SPD and CDU looks increasingly likely in Berlin, but what would it mean for some of the major issues?

Berlin’s next mayor? Kai Wegner speak to the press. Photo: IMAGO / Funke Foto Services

Friday 3, March

On Friday, there were 392 new Covid-19 infections reported in Berlin. The seven-day incidence currently stands at 73.7 cases per 100,000 people.

So, we’re getting a Grosse Koalition. But what does it mean for Berlin?

Like it or not, Berlin seems to be moving in the direction of a so-called Grosse Koalition between SPD and CDU. After exploratory talks with the other parties, the two largest parties opted to join forces to form Berlin’s next government. But where do they stand on the major issues?

New Year’s Eve riots:

Earlier this year, the CDU controversially demanded the release of the first names of those accused of criminal activity on New Year’s Eve – and they’re not exactly backing down. Soon-to-be mayor Kai Wegner recently commented “We have a problem of violence from the right, from the left, but also sometimes from people with a migration background,” adding that “Mehmet belongs to Berlin just like Michael. That’s good. Berlin is a diverse city.”

Openly against the release of the first names, SPD leader Franziska Giffey has said: “The first name debate was not okay. The CDU has to move a bit.”


The CDU are clearly in favour of expanding the A100 city motorway, and it seems like the SPD are moving in the same direction. Both parties agree the city needs strong traffic arteries. Though Wegner has spoken of the “need to involve Berliners in the decision.”


Here, it’s pretty clear. Both parties have campaigned against the Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen referendum – and their opinions haven’t changed. We’re still awaiting the first report from the expert commission, but the CDU leader spoke of his “great doubts” that the court would agree to it and outgoing mayor Franzsika Giffey has only even been in agreement.