Meat Beat Manifesto


Volksbühne Linienstraße 227, 10178 Berlin



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Is this a poem purposely lost?

You do realize this is an event listing for a show long gone and over, girl, don't you? There's an interview with Jack himself though where a discussion would actually be really cool. I encourage you to post yr comments there. :-)

Walter Crasshole more than 10 years ago

your ass

greetings asshole
i really do appreciate your work
big fan etc
but i would like to point out that the beastie boys have stumbled upon your work of the early 90's
would you please
give them a hand?
as they may be touring and embarassing themselves
by not realizing this simularity?
in the work done ages ago by yourself?
best wishes
john devitt ward jr
a fan

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Mumbler more than 10 years ago

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