“Conspiracy theorists are dangerous”



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That's what they want you to believe

The real conspiracy is the conspiracy to prove there are no conspiracies. But what if that's wrong? That's the conspiracy I fear. :)

Real Truth more than 5 years ago

Skeptics promoted the validity of the "Elders of Zion"

In Nazi Germany is was statist SKEPTICS that promoted the validity of the Elders of Zion. Questioning the source and validity of the book was considered a "CONSPIRACY THEORY" and OPENLY discouraged through violent domination. Flash forward. What bonafide government conspiracies are short-sited statist skeptics promoting as factual today? All the dangerous ones that promote state authoritarianism.

Dangerous Theorist more than 7 years ago

Global surveilance.

Yeah, my friend obsessed over everyone being spied on by USA government years ago. He kept rambling on about it, how every text, email, phone conversation etc. was being recorded and analysed by various governments and that they keep tabs on every aspect of our activities... He sure was a conspiracy theorist, but then Edward Snowden shed 'some' light on his theories and suddenly - it was no longer a conspiracy theory but fact. And it turned out he was right all along...

Conspiracy theorists are not dangerous. Being asleep and ignorant to surrounding world and various hints that pop up here and there is.

conspiracy_Theorist more than 7 years ago

Send him through the rabbit hole

Show your kid the conspiracy theories that "clearly show" how Alex Jones is actually a shill for the government, making up fake conspiracy theories to distract from the real conspiracies- and I remember a video where one of those guys got onto Alex Jones' show and even he started calling these conspiracy theorists mentally ill.

Hopefully that'll show him that these guys are just full of shit.

Zack W. more than 7 years ago


Take away the electronics and take your son for a hike. Let him rant about the government, maybe ask a probing questions here or there. I have a younger son who is in the same boat and I have taken great pains to steer him, not push him, in a healthier direction by limiting his time on computer, tv, iPod and phone. He is forced to entertain himselfself which stimulates his his imagination which can lead to insight, knowledge, and problem solving, all skills your son needs to be able to better discern fact from fiction.

You might also think about if your son needs meds. I have found that many conspiracy theory nuts are really depressed and the obsession about conspiracy is a way to avoid looking inward.

Mary Rayme more than 8 years ago

How do we STOP our conspiracy theorist kids?

I have an 18 year old who is driving me NUTS with conspiracy theories - he thinks the world is going to end because some iluminati wants it to and is going to kill us all off, that 91-1- was not real, and all the but so much more. How can I shut him uP? I've tried the logical ways and the hot-tempered ways and still nothing. In his free time when he is not as his job, he watches and obsesses over conspiracy their YouTube videos and infowars. HELP!

Willard McKable more than 8 years ago

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