2013: A psychic odyssey



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This was a fun read :)

Even if one doesn't believe in it. Can definitely understand the pampering aspect of it all.

Anna more than 7 years ago

umm did the psy

umm did the psychic tell you to submit journalism school writing assignment pieces to Exberliner as well? Why are we reading this?

jchan more than 7 years ago

good luck

Enjoyable story. Fingers crossed, your ex isn't coming over. Can't he regret and suffer from wherever he is?

Sonja more than 7 years ago

Shut up, Claudio.

Take your pretentious quotation marks elsewhere.

Chester more than 7 years ago

Good Grief

A stunning display of medieval gullibility flaunted as "research".

claudio more than 7 years ago

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