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Mampe Halb und Halb

I was just in Berlin and tried the above and loved it! Couldn't find it anywhere to buy so I could take it back home. anywhere at all I can get my hands on it online?

Lou more than 7 years ago

Buying MAMPE

Hey Lou,
good to know that you loved our product. In Berlin you can buy it in more than 400 outlets (KAISERS, Hoffmann, real, and so on). But sure you can buy the products online in our shop. Look at our website www.mampe.berlin or on www.ausberlin.de

Tom (MAMPE SPIRITUOSEN GMBH) more than 7 years ago


Mampe, contrary to your authors opinions has been known and served for decades by many underground scene bars and kneipen. That was until February of this year this when it was bought by liquor company DSCHUMBO. (http://www.dschumbo.de) employing new creative director from Köln, Tom Inden-Lohmar. The changes to the company were quick and drastic. The bottle was given a facelift, replacing the beloved kitchy old label with someone’s idea of modern design and the wholesale prices more than doubled overnight. Mampe is not a tasty, boozy piece of berlin history, at least not any more. It’s a symbol of what is happening far too often here. People coming in, taking what is ours and trying to sell it back to us at an inflated price. Sorry but that’s not the kind of Berlin i support.

alt berlin more than 8 years ago

Not the truth about MAMPE

Sorry, "alt Berlin", but it's not the truth about Mampe!!!!!!! Far from it! Owner of the brand are two private persons. Frank Zächel, born in Berlin and me, Tom Inden-Lohmar, living in Berlin since a couple of years. We bought the brand from "Berentzen", cause they had no idea for MAMPE and decided to stop production. Perhaps it`s not comprehensible to an old Berlin communistic underground fighter that you need money to relaunch a brand. Money for employees, money for rent, for marketing, for sales, for logistics and so on. Your right, for this reasons we in increased the price. From 9 to 12 €. That's really a lot, but sadly necessary. And that's not doubled overnight. And our story is not your fairytale of the ugly capitalists coming to Berlin and steal poor Berlin People what is theirs. That's fucking bullshit and make me sick. It's a pity to loose your support. But it's not a pity that some self-styled "Berlin underground bars" kicked MAMPE out, cause they lost their cheap alternative to other spirits. Please, give me only one good reason why this "Berlin Underground bars" sold MAMPE for 1,20 € and Jägermeister and friends for 1,80 €. No. my dear "alt berlin". Your story is not the truth about Mampe. Definatly not. And if someone is interested in the truth, write an email to Tom.inden-lohmar@mampe.com.

Tom Inden-Lohmar, MAMPE Spirituosen more than 8 years ago

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