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First aid

I don't have to take any kind of text, but I do need to complete a full-day first aid course. It seems like this applies to all people with foreign licenses.

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

Six month rule for getting license recognized in Germany

I have a driver's license from Arizona. Have lived in Germany for a while (certainly more than six months ;-)). Have they gotten rid of that silly rule that you had to apply to switch it to a German one within six months of arriving in the country? If that is true the chart says I don't require the theoretical or the practical test to get it done. Grateful for any info. Thx!

Trent Zum Mallen more than 7 years ago

rules are made to be broken

I believe it's still a rule, but they ignore the rule in almost every instance.

Hans-Thorsten more than 7 years ago


You can take the theoretical test in a lot of languages: English, Spanish, French, Turkish, ...Full list can be found here:

Carl more than 7 years ago

Driving Test

You can take your test in English and study in it as well. US drivers be aware that the English is a pseudo-british / shitty German Google translate version and for me at least was more difficult than the German version...Also be sure to study its a massive amount of knowledge to upload...900 Questions - multiple choice with multiple correct answers and some annoyingly tricky word plays...

Chuck B more than 7 years ago

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