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residence permit / health insurance

Hi Kate, maybe try also this website to get more information in case of residence permits and health insurance in Germany:

David more than 5 years ago

Your polish freelancer friend


I just wanted to ask if you know how does it work in case of your polish friend and his insurance in Poland.

Thank you!

Kate more than 7 years ago

Medical tests and travel

Hello, I was in Germany for about 3 months this year, as a tourist, but freelance writing is what I am interested in. Anyway, I went to the Auslanderbehorde also, and they mentioned the importance of heath insurance, and I noticed some comment about this, which is why I thought I'd ask: I had heath insurance for Germany with a German health insurance company for the time there (and I took it out before leaving NZ) but before I left NZ, some years before, so it is probably not relevant but still interesting I think, this happened: I had planned to go to Germany in mid 2013, so, because of this, for medical insurance etc, in early 2013, I decided to ask for some medical test results from doctors in NZ for a series of blood tests they had done a few years earlier. These were tests I did not request at the time, but which were done, I was told by them, as an automatic screening for a medical procedure I had to have, about 2009, or 2010, from memory. .But when I asked for them, they said they had no record of it, no record of my having the procedure (despite my having discussed it with them) and would not let me speak to one of the doctors who might have remembered the conversation in which he gave me the results of these blood tests (in which he told me the results were all normal). So, after having asked for these tests in early 2013, then, I did not get them. Part of my reason for going to Germany, among many other reasons, was to get these tests repeated by someone else, which I did do: I got these tests done again, and results were, as expected, normal. But, I wonder: does the fact that I had reason to try to get them done in another country, due to my not being able to get the results given me in this country where I am a citizen (New Zealand), mean any costs are likely to be relevant in any way for German health insurance coverage claims? I doubt they would be , and I did not claim for them, but I am interested in your opinion anyway.

Katrina Wood more than 7 years ago

Expat health insurance

I have found through friends and my own experience at the Auslanderbehorde that it has to be German health insurance, specifically if you are going for a freelancer visa. They actually told me that expat health insurance is no longer adequate.

sarah more than 7 years ago

International expat health insurance policy

My understanding is that any international expat health insurance policy must meet specific requirements to be considered an equivalent policy. If a policy is subsequently deemed inadequate, the hapless policyholder may find him/herself for months/years of missed contributions for failing to fulfill the Krankenversicherungspflicht. Expat policies are also not suitable for the long haul. They may be OK if you're passing through, but many cannot be extended beyond 12-24 months.

Hath more than 8 years ago

missing info: insurance for spouses

Important to mention: spouses are only insured for free in the gesetzliche Krankenkasse if they are not "hauptberufliche" freelancers themselves AND if they don't earn more than around 400EUR/month.

Änne more than 8 years ago

health insurance

Hi Kate, maybe you should even take a look here , you find a lot of helpful information.

Cheers David

David more than 5 years ago

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