Club death and transfiguration



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Soho House

Hi Barney, just wondering if you could confirm whether or not you find Soho House and it's features discreet or not?

Dirt McGirt more than 7 years ago

Hey Luke

Thanks for replying—that's really cool of you. But we really are not disputing personal taste here. If I read an article in Exberliner I expect accuracy and balance. As I said, Soho House is so discreet few nonmembers even know it is there. I meet people who live on Torstrasse who don't even know it is there. The (tiny) rooftop pool (on the eighth floor) is so discreet, that the first time many people will have even heard about it is if they read your comment above.

So, as a reader, when I see words like "garish" and "opulence" used incorrectly in Exberliner I wonder, not unreasonably, how many other words are being thrown around incorrectly in reviews of events and restaurants etc... it doesn't just undermines your credibility but the magazine's.

I loved Berlin when I first came here in 1990. I love it now. Some things are much, much worse. Some things are much, much better. But, guess what: it's a city—it evolves. All cities do, just like people evolve. Friction between generations is probably a good thing too. However, you can really like one thing without being snide and condescending about something else you don't like. (Actually, the ability to do so is a prerequisite for most journalists).

No-one has a god-given right to dictate how Berlin should be and what sort of people should be moving to the city. Indeed, in Berlin of all places, it really shouldn't be necessary to point that out. Your moaning about change may be a preoccupation, a personally rewarding one even, but I assure you that "change" is not "a cause".

And, I can't help feeling sorry for all those people who pick up your magazine on their first visit to Berlin only to read how absolutely terrible the place is, how much, much better it used to be, and how they're to blame.

Barney Smith more than 7 years ago

Your agenda-driven reports are getting so tedious.

"Anchored by the garish opulence of members’ club Soho House at the eastern end of Torstraße"

How on earth is Soho House garish and opulent? It is so discreet there is no advertisement of its existence at street level. And inside it it pretty tasteful throughout. And what was the building before it became Soho House—an empty, crumbling department store. Sheesh!

If you cannot afford professional journalists, at least try to get your hobbyists to exercise some balance.

Barney Smith more than 7 years ago

Dear Barney,

A rooftop infinity pool is not what I call humble and discreet but I fear our ideas of ‘tasteful’ won’t ever align. As for it being an agenda-driven report, I shan't feel bad about championing downtrodden local bars and clubs against exclusive international business empires. Some causes are worth it.

Luke Atcheson more than 7 years ago

Soho House

The good thing about it, is that it keeps a lot of "garish" people locked away from public view. Good job!

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago

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