Where do you go when the fetish clubs are closed?



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I just think you are projecting your personal experience to a 3millions inhabitants town according to an article about the kinky scene which doesn’t fully represent all of them.
I mean the kinky scene is like this. It’s not Berlin itself, it’s the same in Paris or Amsterdam or anywhere there is a kinky scene. It’s freedom of filth anywhere.
People do live in Berlin also for culture, museums, theaters and any other interesting place the city offers.

It doesn’t mean that everyone in Berlin feels this need to escape the sad reality of the weekdays.
If you came across only drug and party rats that’s your story and your experience. I am sorry your experience is everyone’s experience.

Julien 85 days ago


This is the saddest article I've read in a very long time. No kink-shaming at all; what's sad is that it epitomizes the futile, nihilistic lifestyle in Berlin: work a 9-5 job you hate during the week to be able to afford your drug-fuelled escapism in the weekend. I used to love Berlin, but I realize now it's full of people who party not to have fun and enjoy themselves, but to escape. There's just this escapist culture in Berlin that applies to everything: relationships, friendships, family. As soon as things stop being easy, people don't resolve conflicts; they just escape. I come from a completely different culture and this is the biggest con for me regarding the city. This article just made me realize how sad people here are.

Liona 148 days ago

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