Halal dating: Finding love as a Berlin Muslim



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more on the sentence is weird

Yes, I agree the sentence is weird, but it also reflects weird essentialist attitudes that I have come across in Germany. Would anyone think to write: "There is no civil marriage in Christian culture"? Just as marriage is allowed in Islamic law (marriage is basically a contract in Islamic law and one that can be annulled), so is divorce. Finally don't call me a "Muslima" just because my religion happens to be Islam. Do we identify bio-Germans primarily through their religious identification?

Sara Nur Yıldız 239 days ago


this is all very weird for me, as a Turkish citizen who has immigrated to Germany a few years ago, to read this: "With no such thing as civil marriage in Islamic culture, and therefore no way to get a civil divorce, the liberal faith leader set up a system to end Muslim marriages in a way that’s accepted by the community." I mean, in Turkey most people get married via civil marriage, although one can also get an Imam to do a religious ceremony. And people get divorced all the time in Turkey. Is Turkey not a country where the majority of people profess Islam? Then how can one make such a broad statement, "there is no civil marriage in Islamic culture"? The understanding of Islam in Germany is very very weird.

Sara Nur Yıldız 239 days ago

It's the sentence that is weird

Civil and religious marriage are distinct, although in Christian cultures, they often happen at the same time. In Catholicism, for example, if you get married in a church, you typically get civilly and religiously married in the same ceremony. However, if you ultimately decide to get a civil divorce, the Catholic Church will not recognize it – the rule is "once married (in the eyes of God) always married". No Catholic priest will marry you for a second time (unless you had your first religious marriage annulled). You are of course free to remarry in a civil ceremony after divorce. To come back to the sentence in this article, I presume something similar applies in Islam – i.e. that Islam, like Catholicism, does not typically offer a way out of religious marriage. But it is quite unclear ...

Rosa C 239 days ago

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