Cycling in Berlin: Part 1



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Sidewalk riding

I understand the law says that bikes can't ride on the footpath. However, there's some streets in Berlin which have no bike lane and my experience tells me to ride on the sidewalk - last month I suffered a bike accident, I was on Danziger Str, on the most right side of the way, and this red car came from nowhere and "pushed" me to the side, throwing me to the ground. I broke one rib, damaged my bike since the car ran away I had to pay for all the trouble from my own pocket. From this day on, I prefer to risk a fine for riding on the people's path than to die on the road.

Manuel Ribeiro more than 6 years ago

Riding the wrong way

I walk all over the place and I am going to get run down one of these days when a cyclist comes up behind me, riding the wrong way on the sidewalk/footpath and can't be bothered to ring a bell. I thought pedestrians had the right-of-way, but from a practical perspective that doesn't seem to be the case.

Stefanie more than 6 years ago

"Riding on the Pavement"

What do they mean by that? Riding on the sidewalk?

Nels more than 6 years ago

Riding on the sidewalk

Hi Nels, officially you have to dismount your bike when you go on the pavement / sidewalk / footpath. This is very tricky in many parts of Berlin with roadworks and building sites, not to mention roads that have no room for cyclists at all, but have plenty of room on the pavement. Legally it would make sense to allow parents to ride on the pavement with their children under 8, providing that both the children and the parents give way to pedestrians at all times. If I accompany my kids on the pavement, I make sure I ride at walking pace and make sure my children do the same (or the pace of a slow jog). I hope that answers your question Nels? Cheers, Carrie

Carrie Hampel more than 6 years ago

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